Friday, 4 October 2013

Backup MS SQL Server Database and Fix SQL Server File Easily

In today’s competitive market Business continuity is a crucial component for success. You can’t afford to sit idle because of your database crash and as with any good DBA you need to create a systematic backup plan for database crisis situation to minimize the downtime. Here is the step by step guide to create a backup of MS SQL Database so that you can easily bring your database back to online during the system crash.

 Step by Step guide:-
  1. Expand the Management Studio.
  2. Right click “Backup Devices” and choose “New Backup Devices”.
  3. Specify the backup method from “File” or “File”
The point to note here is that “Tape” method can only be activated if the tape device exists on the local computer, so if you don’t have the tape devices then choose the “File Method” option., ones you specified these parameters you will be able to take the backup of your database. Follow these steps:-
  1. Unfold the SQL Server and then choose “database”.
  2. Point to “Task” and choose “Back-up”.
The Back-up will come up and in that from the General Tab you have to make a choice of the backup type.
  1. Full Backup.
  2. Differential Backup, or
  3. Transaction Log.
For the sake of simplicity in the “New Media set name” and “new media set description” write something about the backup which help you or anyone else to understand about this particular backup. You can also specify when this backup is going to expire.

Now perform the following in the “Destination” section:-
  1. Choose the “disk” radio button or “Tape” button if you have connected the tape device with the system.
  2. Specify the destination path of the backup with the help of “Add” button.
  3. Click “Ok”.
After you have selected all the above option the specified database or Transaction log is then backed up. If you want to know the name, its physical location or the type of backup device on which you have done the backup can be checked by expanding the Management and Backup Device folder. After this procedure you will be able to use the backup anytime you wish, and sometime in rare cases if that backup file gets corrupt then download this tool to repair MS SQL backup file.

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